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Name:Siri Tachi

Siri Tachi
Canon: Star Wars
Canon point: her death on Azure

Appearance: Siri stands at 5’8, lithe and athletic, with long, sandy blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Her usual style of dress is Jedi robes of browns and creams, with a brown cloak, sturdy brown leather boots, and a brown leather utility belt, on/in which she keeps all the Jedi odds and ends, or a close fitting uni-suit made of red leather, with leather boots, gloves and the aforementioned utility belt.

Skills and abilities: She has all the abilities associated with the use of the Force (as a Jedi is wont to do). The Force enhances all of her senses; smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight, as well as granting her enhanced strength, endurance, durability, reflexes, and agility; as well as a variety of other abilities. These include: sensing those around her and their emotional states, jumping higher and farther than a normal human has the ability to, communicating with others mentally – usually other Jedi, the ability to move items/people without touching them, the Jedi mind trick, Force persuasion (a weaker form of the Jedi mind trick), increase the resolve, accuracy, and speed of herself and her allies, and all the other standard abilities in a Jedi’s arsenal.

Despite the fact that she’s two years younger than Obi-Wan, her lightsaber skills are on par with his; her abilities landed her in his classes at the Temple when they were Younglings/Padawans. She’s a skilled, graceful fight, quick on her feet, and has had training in all the forms; she doesn’t tend to prefer one over the other (although, due to her Master being Adi Gallia, she is quite familiar with Form V, Shien, with reverse grip or no, and she does use Form IV, Ataru, quite a lot). She’s a highly adaptable fighter, and will use which form suits best the fight at hand.

Her training also covered the Jedi style of fighting hand to hand combat, and she was forced to learn a completely different style of fighting (more brawling, bar fight/less JEDI) style of fighting for while she was undercover with Krayn (because she couldn’t very well fight like a Jedi while undercover with a being who hated Jedi).

Her piloting skills are top notch; even Anakin notes in narration that he hasn’t seen many Jedi approach the task as artfully as she does.

She’s incredibly skilled at becoming someone else, even though she might thoroughly dislike the role. She spent years undercover with Krayn with him being none the wiser, until Anakin broke her cover. She slid into the role of Valadon with ease, playing the brazen, flirty, scantily clad identity thief to the hilt... until the actual Slams showed up on planet and everything went to hell.

On the Enterprise, due to the galaxy far, far away being EXTREMELY far, far away, Siri is going to have to re-attune herself to the Force, due to the aforementioned distance, in order to reach her usual level of ability.

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Character: Siri Tachi
Fandom: Star Wars
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Disclaimer: Not Siri Tachi, not Katheryn Winnick. I own neither and this profile/character concept is for The Warehouse RPG only. No profit is made from this journal. The Warehouse RPG is entirely fictional. This means that it is in no way real, nor do we the players believe it to be so.
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